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I believe that WordPress plugins are the apps for WordPress. They extend the core functionality of WordPress and allow us to do more than simply manage and publish our content. I build WordPress plugins both for fun and commission. I was once the lead developer for the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate which helps developers jumpstart their WordPress Plugin Development efforts.


If plugins are for functionality, themes are for presentation. I've worked with a number of designers and agencies to convert designs into high-quality WordPress themes that conform to WordPress best practices and coding standards. I've also contributed to WordPress Core and WordPress Codex specifically with the JavaScript Coding Standards.


We can build themes and plugins for WordPress, but when it comes to building applications for the web, WordPress also provides a solid foundation off of which said software can be built. I think that we've only scratched the surface of what's possible. I've built a number of applications for commission, and have written several articles on the topic.

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Code Review

Is your code up to par?
Let's find out.

After helping to develop a number of themes and plugins for both commercial and private use, and after contributing to the WordPress Coding Standards, I know what's required to write high-quality WordPress code. If you're interested in a code audit, then please contact us.


Not sure where to start?
No worries!

One of the most challenging aspects of software development is the initial planning of the architecture for an application. If you're wondering if WordPress is the right foundation for the solution, or are wondering how to best organize the various components of your WordPress-based project, then let's see what we can do.

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I don't know anyone else that cares more about delivering a quality product while creating a valuable experience for his client than Tom McFarlin.
Matt Medeiros
Tom is more than your average software developer. He's better than most engineers. Not just because his code is clean and performs well. But because his thinking is superb and he uses it for more than code. His education videos and regular articles are incredible and a huge gift to the community.
Chris Lema
The long version is that Tom continually shares his knowledge of WordPress and application development with WordPress. He has established himself as a thought leader in the community.
Curtis McHale
Whether it's finding the best way to handle a plugin feature build or digging deep into a client site to identify underlying problems and resolve them, Tom has the skill set and stick-to-itiveness to handle whatever comes his way without breaking a sweat.
Andrew Norcross
Tom is one of the best WordPress professionals I've had the pleasure of working with. Highly skilled developer, great communicator, and just generally an awesome guy. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I advise you not to pass it up, you won't regret it.
Japh Thomson
I've worked with Tom several times and every time he has been super. He pays exquisite attention to detail and is always prompt with communication. Even having only worked with Tom on small projects, he would be one of my first picks for large-scale collaboration.
Pippin Williamson
Tom brings a layer of thoughtfulness to his work that few others do. He's also an extremely effective communicator, always willing to teach those around him what he's learned, and able to explain complicated things in a straightforward way.
Brian Krogsgard
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Tom McFarlin

What's Up? I'm Tom.

I work with WordPress to build software for others. I have a passion for web publishing and enjoy building software that enables others to do exactly that. When I'm not working on these projects, you can also find me blogging, tweeting, and contributing to a number of open source projects.